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Hi, I'm Tarun. Thanks for visiting my page!

I'm based in London (UK), where I'm employed as a Site Reliability Engineer at Yelp.
You can find more about my professional and educational history on my LinkedIn, down in the socials bar.

Note: You can join my Telegram channel here (or preview, without installing the app) to track website updates.

My curiosities include (among other things):

  • computer hardware, security, and complex distributed systems
  • hero: James Mickens

  • music, i:
  • play the bass guitar
  • upload bass covers on my YouTube channel every now and then
  • am afflicted by an involuntary impulse for spontaneous, awkward dancing

  • photography

  • language & literature
  • spoken, written, sung,
  • ranted, vented, and
  • syntactic/semantic gobbledygook
  • my goodreads

  • philosophy

  • people - frayed nerves, curiosities, anxieties

  • and, on some days, my own self, which is a perpetual work in progress.

  • This website is intended to serve as an expressive outlet for some (or all) of the above. The views expressed therefore are mine and mine alone; and do not represent those of my employer(s) in any form or capacity, unless specified otherwise.


  • Ayaan. Real life Nathan Drake. Thanks for creating Musée. Sic Parvis Magna!